Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dos and Don'ts

DO be awake at the scheduled hour of a phone interview. The nyum nyum nyum of recent awakeness can be off putting

DON'T be in the throws of high-fever head cold when trying to sell yourself to a prospective employer - I can't be certain of what I said, but the hallucinations were great, and he wants me to come in for a face to face this week.

Now, back to bed for me.



Rob(ert) said...

Excellent advice - hope it went well and you are feeling better soonish.


inertia said...

We'll find out tomorrow!

Have received 1 job offer this week (and already turned down 1 job offer as well), so prospects are good. I had 2 more interviews today, have a further 2 tomorrow, and another recruiter rang me this afternoon - so it is all happening!

I expect to confirm a position by Monday - once the permanent positions are finalised. There are a couple of contract jobs that I probably wont hear from in time to consider, but we'll see.

Sherene said...

It must be a wonderful thing to be wanted!!