Monday, May 07, 2007

Yet. Another. Palace.

Oh look, another castle! Well, OK, it's a palace, or rather it was formerly Greenwich Palace until it was demolished and replaced with this swank complex, currently in use as a Maritime Museum and College of Music. Note Canary Wharf in background.

OK, so a quick one to catch up on the random other Londony things that have been going on lately.

The weekend before last involved:
  1. very English playing of frisbee in Kensington Palace Gardens. That is actually quite an exhausting way to spend an hour or so, particularly when you have a substandard Woolworths 99p frisbee and have to spend most of the time chasing it. I had a snooze halfway through. Grant pulled a frisbee muscle. Many people slept half-naked in the sun, as you do.
  2. Dim sum! Oh, how I miss trolley yum cha. I may have to go to Marigold quite a bit when we eventually get home.
  3. many many hours of Civilisation III for Grant and Rohan, followed by many hours of beer at the pub watching the Australia v Sri Lanka cricket match (I abstained in favour of a quiet evening home alone for a change, which everyone should be grateful for as nothing happens on the cricket if I am there to see it).
  4. a ferry ride to Greenwich, a tourist must-do that we have been putting off, which basically involves a who's who of London architecture, as narrated by a ferry driver, eg. "the building to the left was designed by an out of work window cleaner". Greenwich itself is just beautiful, plus you can get noodles for under 4 quid, an otherwise unbeatable price. All hail Noodle Time! Greenwich observatory, which is ACTUALLY UP A HILL of all things, has the original clocks designed to solve the longitude problem that had people unexpectedly crashing into coastlines for much of nautical history. It also had a bit of info on Captain Cook which is quite funny; we think of him as being the guy who "discovered" the East Coast of Australia but he was also in the thick of longitude research and was in the neighbourhood to take measurements of the transit of Venus around Tahiti with a view to determining its distance from the sun. An interesting point about Greenwich is that when they say a ceiling is painted, they mean it is bloody well painted.
Comprehensively painted ceiling in Naval Museum, Rohan and I are off on the left.

More shortly!

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