Monday, May 19, 2008

Week 2 report...

Shut up! I know this is late!!! The important thing is that I actually DID exercise - not that I was really late in writing about it! Anyway, here's what happened...

Bit of a funny week this one - I spent 3 days instead of 2 in Sydney, so that threw the schedule out a bit. I had every intention of going for a walk/jog in Bicentennial park on the Wednesday evening, but instead it hailed and we had a shitload of rain. I was really bummed about it. I also had a *big* night out with some work friends, and followed up with a *bigger* lunch (albeit minus the alkymahol) on the Friday.

19/5 43 min
20/5 31 min
21/5 - Sydney
22/5 - Sydney
23/5 - Sydney
24/5 55 min
25/5 41 min

And the moment of shame:
BMI: 36.74 (-.06 over last week)
Weight: 115.5kg (+0.5 over last week)
Weight loss to date: 1.2kg

So, not great, but knowing how much I ate and drank in Sydney, I'm not surprised. Even though I am not going to go nuts about altering my diet, just monitoring my weight weekly helps to stay aware of the influence of my daily food intake. I know I think more about what I am eating now - I might not be going for a salad, but I am certainly not upsizing! Lets see how it goes next week... (you wont have to wait long, I'm about to type it up aswell!)

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