Friday, April 24, 2009


My hobbies include cycling, boozing, and public nudity

Ah, so moving house, a toddler refusing to sleep, and an apparent sudden economic upturn swamping me with work apparently stop me updating this thing. Or actually I forgot it existed. You can see I have many excuses.

I have changed the name of our new place from Temporary Accommodation to Max. Because it is No. 86. Max has a garden plot which is growing self-seeded tomatoes and zucchini at an astonishing rate. I am claiming credit even though all I do is weed it now and then (especially once I worked out that my lovingly tended beans were morning glory. whoops). Max also has me totally addicted to the delights of Concord. If London taught me nothing else, it taught me that in the civilised world one should never be more than 8 minutes walk to a supermarket, after all, and we have TWO within that distance, and two parks even closer. This addiction is unfortunate however, as the only suburb more expensive than Concord West is the mighty Concord. Curse you refined tastes!

Work is reminding me of the days before the GFC (or BFG as my officemate calls it) where I was routinely working on my days off. Still, I MUCH prefer my job when I am run off my feet than when I have time to contemplate my destiny. And anyway, it's a small price to pay for an eight our day - otherwise I would not really see Beth at all on my workdays and that would suck. Well, it might be refreshing for a short period of time but after that it would definitely suck.

Beth is now walking beautifully and has big girl shoes of which she is justifiably proud. She can say mum, dad, bump (favourite word), hello, bye, mmm (for milk), and make elephant, cockatoo, monster and tiger sounds, but her language development seems to have stalled a bit while she works out the walking business.

Beth in her newborn socks. AWWWWWWWWW.

Grant has a new shed which he and his dad are building tomorrow, and hopefully soon the bikes will be (a) more securely stored and (b) further away from little fingers that go unerringly for greasy things.

And other than that I can't think of much more. Beth is down to two or three feeds a day and it seems to be unleashing some long-dormant creative capacity in me, as I am thinking about things the way I did when I actually wrote for fun. Something may yet come out of it, although as I didn't finish my first novel in 10 years there's arguably no hurry at this point. It is also however making me have nightmares about leaving her behind, so maybe my brain and hormones need to have a conference about that.

In short: life is sleepy but good, and several times today I have even thought about opening new empty wordprocessor windows. Not today, but soon!

Oh yeah, and Auckland looks like this:

Albert Park, because Kensington is not the only place in the world where everything is named after Big Al

(Wo)Men in Black on Mt Eden, Rangitoto in back (sob! next time)

Beth can tell you the time

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