Monday, January 15, 2007

The Festive Photos

Ok, a bit of catching up to do. I haven't taken a lot of photos recently, but we might as well run through a few of them...

We went to the Tate Modern with Robert, Harry, and Gus - primarily for the 5 storey slide. Unfortunately, there were no tickets left for the top slide, and the 4th floor slide didn't have any free slots for several hours (Robert et. al. went back later in the week and got on the slide). The Tate was quite interesting - some exceptional pieces in there, including one video piece that I really liked. The best bit was the minimalist section - not necessarily the works themselves, more watching other people walk in there looking around dumbfounded "oh, so, like, that's the artwork?"

From there Loz and Gus headed home, while Harry, Robert and I stopped off at The Old Swan for a couple of beers. Next stop was the Prince Of Wales hotel at Holland Park. We timed it pretty well on both occasions as it was pissing down outside (Loz and Gus got the worst of it!)

Skip forward to New Years Eve. Loz and I headed out to Claire and Belinda's place at Ealing (a couple of stops past my work) to join Vron and Sarah for some quiet celebrations. We enjoyed some great company, home made pizzas, wine, beers, and flaming pudding! Vron and Loz ran out of steam, and Loz and I were home by about 4am. Fortunately they had free trains running all night, so getting home wasn't a drama.

Vron joined us in the Pixieflat on New Years day, and we took her on the first of many epic walks she would be forced to do while here :) This one was to Holland Park.

Last weekend Loz and I went out and about (via Holland Park once again), did a bit more of exploration of our surrounding suburbs - past the Victoria and Albert museum (shell blasts from WWII) and a few other interesting things (this was in Knightsbridge... think Footballers Wives). We dropped in to Harrods - along with a ton of other people. We bought a carbon steel, pre-seasoned wok (*only* 15 pounds!), and I found a coffee cup.

That *mostly* brings us up to date... and we promise to keep this thing a bit more up to date!

A few additional photos in the usual place.

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