Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Let it Snow!

In the few milliseconds between the alarm going off and me hitting the snooze button, we heard the news report say something along the lines of "south-east England ... snow". Hang on a second! We're in the south-east of England!

And lo, this is what we saw out the window of the Pixieflat:

It had been snowing, and how!

We then got all excited, I got ready for work and we ventured outside into the virgin white snow. The t-shirt slogan "I'm a virgin, I'm just not very good at it" comes to mind about now.

Anyway, it was still exciting, and the first time Lauren had seen snow, like, in the city.

Reportedly, it was more snow than London has had in the last 3 years.

By the time I saw daylight again at lunch, all but a few specks of snow had gone. We are hoping for more tonight, so we can build a snowman like this.

I took a few more photos on the way to work, you can see them here.


1 comment:

Sherene said...

Snow, eh? Hmmm.. looks pretty, but I can imagine it is quite cold... I'm only now getting used to summer.. stupid heat.

I'm hoping that there are many snow creatures created.. I'm hoping for a snow-trogdor!!