Friday, January 02, 2009

Ding a ling

We acquired a WeeRide for Beth for Christmas, and she's had a few short jaunts around the yard on it with Grant. She loves it, and will reliably hit the "sleeping pedestal" to indicate "MORE!", but as she HATES her bike helmet, our options for longer trips are limited for the time being.

This brings me to the cute story, however. Grant was putting the WeeRide base crossbar on his bike yesterday in the back yard, and Beth was helping. By way of entertaining her, Grant dinged the bike bell. A few minutes later he heard it ringing again. Beth had worked out how to stretch up to the handlebar and ding away!

She's also managed to extrapolate the operational methods of her now massive collection of Little People toys. Most have a button to press that plays a song, and it's easier to press with a figure seated on it. Grant had taught Beth how to do this with her aeroplane, and yesterday she tried it with a train she had never seen before. Clever clogs.

I think we are heading into slight temper tantrum land as Beth has had a few meltdowns this week for no apparent reason. Breakfast this morning was the worst thing that had ever happened to her. However, I took her across the road to the park (THANK GOD FOR THE PARK) and she perked right up. And started climbing the wallclimbing/ladder thing. Saints preserve us.

Will pop some pix up soon.

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