Monday, June 16, 2008

5 weeks down

Interesting week this one...

09/6 53 min
10/6 67 min
11/6 - (Sydney)
12/6 43 min
13/6 43 min
14/6 44 min
15/6 65 min

BMI: 36.58 (up 0.1)
Weight: 114.6kg (up 0.3kg)
Weight loss to date: 2.1kg

I didn't go out on Wednesday, so no excessive eating or drinking... and yet I put on a little bit of weight. To give a sneak peak of week 6, it is saying I have dropped over a kilo today, so it could just be a time of day thing... I haven't been particularly strict about when I have been using the Wii - more dependent on Beth's schedule than anything else. I think I will have to do my Sunday weigh-in at the same time each week to make this a bit more valid. It will be interesting to see what the results are this week. It's funny - the weight is coming off slowly (which I am told is a good thing), but it is enough to give me the positive feedback I need to continue being motivated. My belt buckle does up a bit tighter, I'm feeling better, and allegedly my body shape has been changing slightly. I still have not made major modifications to my diet (lets not talk about the chocolate brownies I just made!), so there is definitely room for improvement there.

I'm looking at changing my aerobic component a bit - and doing some more jogging in the Real World. Looking out the window right now, this may be a flawed plan - it has been raining off and on for days with a cutting wind. The Wii has really come into it's own :) Even when it is miserable outside, it doesn't give you an excuse not to use the Wii...

Loz has been a bit more regular using Wii Fit as well - her goal is to do at least 20min each day, and I think she is managing 30min most days. She is also kicking my arse at pretty much everything (except pushups - I ownz the 10 reps pushups!). Apparently her balance is way better than mine, not to mention her timing on the Step game. I've actually threatened to delete her Mii character if she continues to knock me off the score board - there's only so many times you can tolerate your "Best Score" not actually appearing at all.

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