Monday, October 23, 2006

The bike

By popular demand, here is my new bike:

Fairly old, but something of a classic. It's an Orange Clockwork - British made, steel (is-real) frame. Currently 21 speed, and I am trying to decide if I go single speed or not. It would be an easy decision if I was riding *only* road or *only* dirt (the roads here are particularly suited for singlespeeding), but as it will be used for everything, I don't think it would work. Maybe if I tried running 2 chainrings, 40-ish for road and 32 for dirt, and keep a common rear cog... but I don't think the chainline would be ideal.

We took the bikes out beside one of the local canals last week for a short ride - about 30km, but remember, it's all flat! Stopped for a pint and a bite to eat at a very convenient pub, then came home. One of the strangest things I've seen is a canal that goes *over* a motorway... weird. The second strangest thing is that the banks of the canal are lined with houses (obviously) - but the rooves of the houses are lower than the bank of the canal! Considering how much trouble we had with seepage in Pillapai St, I have no idea how they are not permanently flooded...

Only a couple of photos, and they can be seen here.


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