Friday, October 13, 2006

Instant Blog, just add Lauren...

That just about brings us up to date - about the only thing I haven't talked about is my job!

Last Thursday night (05/10/06) I was browsing the usual haunt for work, and I saw an ad that looked like a resume fishing exercise, with a job title of something like "Juniper Engineer"...

I submitted my resume that night, and got my first call from the recruitment agent (Damian) early the next morning. After several further phonecalls over the Friday and Monday (with comments along the lines of "4-5 months in Milan"...), I was told I would be contacted by one of their technical staff - who was currently in Dubai. I swear they tell you a time, and then call at least 30 minutes late just to make you sweat a little. Anyway, that seemed to go well - he was asking some fairly specific questions though, so I wasn't sure how I went. Got a call back from Damian shortly afterwards saying it sounded like it went well, and that the UK Director (Dave) would be calling me a little later that afternoon. Dave didn't keep me waiting quite so long, and we had a good chat about the company, what it does, and where I, assuming I was hired, would fit into the scheme of things. I did mention that 4-5 months in Milan while my wife was studying in London probably would not work so well, but he assured me that Milan was not an issue, and he was keen to get me on board.

So, to cut a short story long, I met with Dave on Tuesday and we agreed on a start date - 1st November. He did say there was not specifically anything lined up for me at the moment, and I might be spending a little time studying and getting certifications. Oh well, free training is always good!

What this basically means is that I am now officially on holidays!

(there was a side story involving a 3 month contract, but that fell through so we won't go into it... too expensive indeed!)



Anonymous said...

w00t... you are really living the life.. your blog has been bookmarked and I'll be checking in regularly for the EXCITEMENT that had better be your life (since mine is boring, I choose to live vicariously through you two).

A quick update on your stuff: it's still here and I haven't started going through and selling it.. though it is tempting. I'm about to start using your fridge as the "backyard drinks fridge" thus making me so much cooler when people come 'round.. IF people come 'round.

Anyway.. be good and have fun and go adventuring!

Sherene (& Bax)

inertia said...

*sigh* summer bbqs in Sherenes backyard... Wont be having any of THAT for a while!

Anonymous said...

Well you're invited... bbq at my place on the 5th of November.. 'cos I can have a bbq.. and boxing day bbq at my place too..

YAY for summer!!

Boo for summer without Grant & Loz.

inertia said...


Oh well, may end up begging Sarah for some Christmas hospitality, then we'll probably get some snow!

Anonymous said...

hey there - groovey idea doing your updates as a blog. Site is bookmarked and I shall check regularly.

Snow. Hm. There are many red berries on the bushes and trees up where I am, and that's supposed to indicate a very cold winter. We'll see. Very mild so far!

Congrats to Grant for being on holiday! Way to go!!

And I've been offered to go off to Holland for 6 months.... but it'll depend on whether I get a promotion or not. Growl.