Sunday, October 22, 2006

Of Spanish food, majestic buildings and rainbows...

Sarah was down from Birmingham on Friday night, so we met up with her in the city for some well deserved beers and dinner. We ended up going to a Spanish restaurant for tapas which was fantastic! Is there anything better than about a thousand little dishes of food accompanied by sangria? YES: A retro bar! We stayed there until they closed. Unfortunately that was only 11pm due water failure (apparently the third time!) We agreed to meet up again in the morning for some trekking about London.

We were a little late on Saturday (we blame the trackwork...) but then proceeded to walk around London under Sarah's expert guidance. Um, I probably couldn't tell you exactly where we went (Russell Square, Bloomsbury, Trafalgar Square and Nelson's Column, the Mall, the Horse Guards thingummy, Whitehall, St Margaret's Church aka Westmister Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, No. 10 Downing Street, St James' Park and Buckingham Palace - Loz) but Sarah might add some comments to the photos if we are very nice!

So, after walking around for about 4 hours, it was time for Sarah to head back north so she went of to the train station while Lauren and I decided to walk home (what, with the track work and everything). It took something like 50 minutes to walk from the middle of the city back to our place - allowing for short diversions of high tea at the Orangery and some grocery shopping. Not bad really...

(...that reminds me, must take some photos of Kensington Palace Gardens...)

Here are the photos I took through the day. Nothing particularly special this time, but it had started raining when we were walking back and there was a huge rainbow in Hyde Park over the Serpentine. I found some new software that seems to do a really good job of merging panorama photos, and produced this. Not too bad, but now that I know what the software is capable of, I'll experiment a bit more.

Oh, we did see some weird/interesting architecture out there, like this, and this.


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Nyssa1968 said...

Hi there. Sarah here, back from Amsterdam and Den Haag. I have indeed started off on an internatinal jet-setting lifestyle, but I digress...

Yes - had a great time last weekend in London with Loz & Grant. The Mrs Dalloway tour, as I think it ought to be called, after the Virginia Woolf novel set in these parts. We did sorta cheat as we were on the Strand after leaving the retro bar of no water on Saturday night. We kicked off Sunday's leg of the tour in Russell Square, Tavistock Square (where Virginia Woolf used to walk hence the sculpture of her), Bloomsbury generally, crossing Tottenham Court Road (home of furniture stores & electronics) to Fitzrovia where we popped in to the Fitzroy tavern (once drinking place of George Orwell, now of Doctor Who writers & actors), down over Oxford Street into the gay, gay, gay Soho, through China Town to Trafalgar Square, down Whitehall, past Downing Street, past the Houses of Parliament via Parliament Square, along the river but diving north again in the Victoria/Westminster area, toodling past New Scotland Yard and the Home Office offices, through St James's Park, Buckingham Palace, Green Park, when I zotted off to catch the train further north.

I'm impressed with the links to the tapas place! and the photos. Well cool!!

- Sarah