Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ye Gods, they're actually making me work at this

New tip for blog productivity: save bunches of drafts, then upload all at once. Try it at home!

OK, so I am now in week 3 of Uni. I was finding the first couple of weeks slightly rough going in that I was playing the role of Grandma in the egg-sucking education campaign. This was entirely the result of my own crazed expectations. For some reason I was quite sure that I would be studying with a bunch of people who had also worked in the field for 5+ years. As it happens, there are one or two in this category, and a few more at the 2+ end of the scale, and a few more who have at least studied IP at an undergrad level. However, there are also a boatload of kiddies - about half the class as a rough estimate - who don't know a copyright from a related right and haven't already memorised the numerous (and dodgy) justifications for the patent system. As a result, the lecturers are sensibly taking their time with the introductory sections of the various courses. Basically, it is my own fault for not having done this LLM in say 2002 when I first wanted to!

I should just shut up about it, of course, because I do seem to have something of an advantage which is nice and not something to whinge over. However, 5.5 years of legal practice have given me rather an addiction to superhuman challenges, and in the absence of same I have been feeling a little bit lost.

This week has been much better, though. Firstly, they cracked out the economic theory reading in not one but two of my courses. Market failure! Hurray! Secondly, I've been doing a little more thought on the dissertation subject, albeit not actually writing the outline, which is due within the week (self-imposed deadline) and might be a better use of my time than endless games of solitaire. And finally, it does appear that the courses are in the process of hotting up a bit. I've had to pay attention this week which is a nice change.

I did however have to stop answering questions in patent law this morning, as nobody else was bothering to, and I was in serious danger of appearing the teacher's pet. It may have been a loooooooooong while since I was in formal education, but I do remember trying too hard = bad idea. Or was that just for high school? I forget. The real problem here is that I am only taking the patents course as a backup in case of dissertation explosion and am unlikely to do the exam, but I seem to be the only one doing the reading for the course anyway.

Anyway, week 3 and 2 lecturers out of 4 currently know my name. Maybe I haven't lost my touch yet? Here's hoping. It must be said that 8 hours of lectures a week, none before 10am and all ending before 4pm, and never having to get out of bed before 8.30am is a very nice way to spend a few months.

Maybe Grant will show you all a picture of his bike at some point, and tell the exciting tale of the Exploding Power Shower, but in the meantime love to all relevant persons.



NancyAmazon said...

What a challenge? How about doing NaNoWriMo with me and Lela this year? I'm doing it with exploding work pressures AND Uni work to do... but that's just because I'm weird.

dyanysion said...

Don't listen to her... that's just crazy.. buy yourself a copy of FARSCAPE.. then you won't mind a few hours off a day!