Friday, October 13, 2006

Where are Lauren and Grant?

(Originally posted 12/10/06)

ok, for those of you wondering where in the world Lauren and Grant
are, have a look at this map.

Now, if you look up in the top left hand corner, there is a little
green arrow. That arrow is pretty much pointing to the building we
live in. If you look down and to the right a little, you will see a
ring-shaped arangement of streets - that is Notting Hill proper. You
can see quite a bit of greenery on Notting Hill, but don't be deceived
- it's all private gardens!

If you now look at the bottom of the screen, in about the middle, that
is Kensington palace (where Princess Diana lived) and Kensington
Palace Gardens. Follow that to the right and you will see The
Serpentine (man made lake type thing) and on to Hyde Park.

if you drag the map up a bit you will see the Prince Albert memorial,
and the Albert Hall.

For reference, Kensington Palace Gardens is about 15 minutes walk from
our place.

So, that is our neighbourhood!

p.s. I got a job!

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