Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I'm a little angry. I'm a little upset. I'm a little disillusioned.

Actually, I'm a lot of all of those. Theoretically, I was supposed to "start" work tomorrow (1st Nov), but I had not yet received an employment contract.

What then transpired was a brief email exchange between myself and the prospective boss, "can I see the contract", "doesn't look like we have work for you", "does that mean I'm NOT employed as of 1st Nov", "correct".

So suffice to say, I am looking for work again. On the plus side, I got a call from a recruiter 5 minutes after applying for a job this morning, so will hopefully hear something back on that one in a day or two. Also, the recruiter that had lined up the permanent job rang me this afternoon sounding very apologetic and very keen to find me alternate work.

The search goes on...


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